Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Continuing theme and unconscious...

With this mellow, sun-filled day, the promise of a true English Spring, it's not difficult to understand the old saying, "When a young man's fancy turns..." The Law of Attraction itself is a theme; all of nature sends out a vibration of awareness. A fancy can turn to love in a glance. A long standing friendship can assume a different quality, a love of many years can reflect on how that love has survived and in many cases, though we don't often hear so much of them, flourished. So, paradoxically, today's fine weather brought my current story's challenging themes into clearer perspective. What happens when two poor but happy families, some of the members united in love and marriage, are put under a colossal strain, in this case a direct result of the Great War? What happens to love under the stigma of disgrace and grief? When loyalties are tested to their utmost, what is the breaking point? And is war and love a dynamic duo, twinned, inseparable and inescapable?

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