Friday, 4 June 2010

Sagas and dramas

Following on to Freda's absorbing blog on sagas, my editor has a preferred description now - I suppose to make the genre more appealing to new readers - "family dramas" now seems to fit the bill. I had the book jacket cover arrive of EAST END ANGEL and thought, yes, drama, saga, thriller, even a little bit of whodunnit, encapsulated in the picture, the heroine with her suitcase, amidst the 1941 bombing of London. ANGEL is a popular term now, so together with the two young children, refugee-like, making their way hand-in-hand through the destruction, I'd say Simon&Schuster have got it right on the button. So, here's to our brilliant marketeers who work so skillfully in the background, bringing our stories alive with their creative artwork. Whatever our genre is, it's wonderful to be part of the buzz and creativity that sprung from a teeny, weeny germ of an idea!

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