Wednesday, 9 November 2011

A Remembrance Memory

"We hung by our eyelids" my dad wrote, after surviving the Sicily landings during World War 2. His small LCI's prepared to release the waiting troops to the shore as the ships, little corks of crafts, bounced on choppy seas. The men inside these metal boxes were prepared to give their lives for King and Country and it was these scenes I drew on when I wrote CONNIE OF KETTLE STREET my third historical novel. I'm now writing my tenth and IN THE BLEAK MIDWINTER reflects on the Great War and its repercussions. Released in time for Remembrance Day, it has a very timely birth. But each book, in some way or other has touched on the issues of world conflict. And I'm sure many other authors here too, can say the same. We're still engaged in conflicts of all kinds, so the stories of courage and loyalty are never-ending for the human race and which give us, as writers, powerful images to work with. I think our genre of writing is flourishing, despite the current negative aspects of publishing. So this Sunday I shall be remembering all you guys, the scribes and story-tellers who record for posterity the history of our lands in fiction, for today's hungry market and the generations of readers to come. Love to you all, CarolRx

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