Thursday, 20 September 2012


I have called this entry an apology because that is exactly what it is.  I last posted three years ago and fully intended to post on a regular basis, but then life got in the way.  Many know this already, but for those who don't, not long after my last posting the chest infection my husband, Denis contracted turned to double pneumonia and pleurisy. He was incredibly ill and I was desperately worried about him.  He did begin to recover and then when the consultant conducted a bronchial endoscopy to check that all the infection had cleared from his lungs.  However a tumour was found that turned out to be cancerous.  Although small it was blocking two airways and so two parts of his right lung had to be removed and after he had semi recovered from this, there was there was a gruelling 16 weeks of chemotherapy.

During this time this time, though I managed to write the books, keeping more or less to the publisher's deadlines, thinking of doing anything else was quite beyond me.  Not only did I have little actual time for Denis was unable to do much for himself when he was suffering from pneumonia and recovering from surgery and he had quite severe after effects from the chemotherapy  I felt completely drained emotionally.

However life is much calmer now and I am able to lift my head above the parapet.  When I last posted I was quite excited about the final Sullivan novel, "The Child Left Behind," which wrapped up a  the three previous novels of the same family.  Since then I have written books that stand completely alone. I wrote "Keep The Home Fires Burning" when Denis was in the throes of cancer, I actually attended to the copy edits for this book while I was in the accommodation for relatives at the Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital in Liverpool where I stayed for the fortnight Denis was in having surgery in September 2010. and I was delighted he was well enough to attend the launch for this book in Feb 2011.  Everyone dressed up in costumes from 1940's and Denis was dressed as an old sea dog, one of the intrepid sailors who helped rescue the soldiers from Dunkirk.

The following year, the book  was called "Far From Home" and the launch party for that was tremendous too.  The books tells the story of a young girl forced to leave her home in rural Ireland because of the passionate love she has for her first cousin, forbidden for a Catholic.  Her sister joins her and as War breaks out she loves again a pilot called David.  He is posted missing and coping with the grief of that, she makes a discovery that.turns her word inside out and makes her question everything she has ever believed in and she wonders if she will ever find happiness again.

The next book, out in January 2013 is called,"If you Were The Only Girl".  The song tells the story for if Clive and Lucy  were the only boy and girl  in the world they wouldn't be constrained by duty or class.  As it is despite their love for each other, a wide chasm divides them.  Can it ever be breached?. Jacket cover to follow.  Here are the others and  a photo of me so that you all know what I look like.

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  1. I'm not the only one gone AWOL, Anne. New Year resolution for 2013 post more on HSN blog.