Monday, 1 October 2012

October and A Sister's Shame

October is a celebratory month for me. It’s when my latest novel, A SISTER’S SHAME is published in paperback and ebook. Simon&Schuster have designed another wonderful cover, showing the heroine, Marie Haskins, as she might have looked in those pre-war days. The details at Amazon read something like this. “London’s East End, 1934. Marie and Vesta Haskins would give up everything to dance on stage, but could they lose each other? The eighteen-year-old twins work at the local shoe factory to bring in a few pennies for the family, but they’ve never given up on their dream of treading the boards in the West End. When a brand new East End club opens its doors, the girls audition for the show and are over the moon to land two nights a week with their cabaret act. But little do they realise that the villainous Scoresby brothers are using the club as a front for a very different line of business. Seeing what is going on behind the smoke and lights of the stage, sensible Marie vows to leave her job at the club before it is too late, but headstrong Vesta has fallen for the Scoresby’s handsome right-hand man, Teddy, and unwittingly leads her whole family into the Scoresby’s clutches. Will Marie be able to save her family from disaster? Or will Vesta’s determination to become a star tear the Haskins family apart? I hope the book matches up to this exciting summary. Or perhaps, exceed expectations? It was a heart-felt book to write and I hope readers everywhere enjoy it and experience just what it would have been like in those glamorous days to achieve the promise of fame and fortune!