Wednesday, 13 August 2014

August's ebook 'Together For Christmas'

My Great War Centenary book ‘Together For Christmas’ is published in ebook this month. So August is a very exciting month for me, as publication coincides with the Centenary celebrations. 'Together for Christmas' opens as Britain declares war on Germany. The whole country seems to be in uproar as Flo, Hilda and Will, orphans who have just left St Boniface's Orphanage in the East End for their first jobs, sit in the sunshine of Hyde Park on a rare day off, discussing the impending war and the changes it will bring to their lives.
Little do they know what is ahead of them - nine million combatants are to be killed during the period July 1914 – November 1918. The effects of this conflict will shatter families for years to come. Some returning troops suffered what we now recognize as post traumatic stress disorder and in one way or another my young characters' lives are linked to this heart rending disaster .
Should you like to read a little more about the novel please visit my website carolrolrivers or call by where you can download an excerpt from the first part of the book.
My very best wishes Carol Rivers.

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