Saturday, 15 October 2016


Out of the four decades that followed the Great War, the 1940’s were the most austere, but romance was at its most dangerously seductive as the 1950’s fashions edged their way into the female wardrobe. For over a decade women had drawn stocking seams on the backs of their legs and made underwear from barrage balloon materials. Now, at the start of the 50’s, there was no holding back.
I’ve long wanted to write about the new freedoms and luxuries, the fabulous music and broadened culture of the 1950’s. And so Ruby walked onto the stage; self-confident, assured, spirited, tasteful, ambitious and yet hopelessly naive. She brought a certain honesty to A Promise Between Friends - and sense of humour. She made me laugh and she made me cry. I hope she does the same for you.
Published in paperback on October 20, you can pre-order at Amazon with a price guarantee. Or if you’re a Kindle or ebook reader, then A Promise Between Friends is already on Amazon’s shelves. Whatever kind of reading you like, I think you’ll find Ruby a stimulating companion. I can assure you of one thing - she’ll step into your world and won’t dream of leaving until the very last page.

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