Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Molly's Christmas Orphans and Links to the Merchant Navy

June 4 1940. Waiting, wondering, hoping and praying. In Molly’s Christmas Orphans, this is exactly what Molly does; like millions of women world wide, she dreads the arrival of bad news. She’s already lost her family; young husband Ted, who enlisted and perished in the fated British Expeditionary Force, and her darling little daughter Emily, victim to the influenza outbreak. Now Molly is entrusted with the care of two orphans and the London blitz shows no mercy. Their father, Andy, is serving on an ‘old lady’ from World War 1, a battered, and bruised vessel and at the mercy of the infamous German U-boats of the Kriegsmarine. How will Molly cope? In Andy's absence has she the strength to fight for the children's lives? Molly’s Christmas Orphans is a saga of wartime courage and hope.

My October saga, MOLLY'S CHRISTMAS ORPHANS is set during World War 2 and against the backdrop of the Merchant Navy. Many unsung heroes lost their lives because of our badly defended merchant ships. Light cruisers and sometimes destroyers tried to protect them as they ploughed through the freezing North Atlantic, sitting targets for the famed wolf-packs of the Kriegsmarine. Molly's love interest, Andy, has escaped the dangerous duties of the DEMS (merchant ships), only to find himself in deeper trouble and longing to be home with Molly and his family.

On sale with AMAZON and eretailers, in supermarkets and book shops as from October 2017.

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  1. I love all Carol's books, but her WW2 novels have a special place in my heart. The merchant seamen are often forgotten when we talk about the War, but they acted with enormous courage, performing vital work. I'm looking forward to reading Molly and Andy's story.