Friday, 9 February 2018

Valentine's Day Hearts on Sleeve!

What does Valentine’s Day mean to you? A chance for giving a special gift, an excuse to say I love you, an opportunity to dine out, visit the theatre, watch a romantic movie - or just curl up in bed and cuddle? 
In medieval times the knights wore the colours of the lady they championed on their sleeves. Hence the saying “wearing your heart on your sleeve”. How much more romantic can you get than risk being knocked for six by a whopping great lance in front of a zillion spectators? Other suitors were less adventurous and drew a name from a pail to find their potential true love. A couple of hundred years later, out came the bell, book and candle, with a love potion to rival any vintage Dom Perignon.
Perhaps the cutest historical Valentines were simple “X”s that even now we use to signal our affection on paper. This tradition is said to originate from the times when folk couldn’t read or write. The X was used as a signature, which was then ‘kissed’ to polish off the deal.
Today’s technology allows us to send Gifs, Jpegs, digital cards, emoticons with symbols and as many variations of mood changes on FB as it’s possible to think of!
Imagine one of our medieval hotties riding his charger into the 21st century on Valentine’s Day and finding a world of flashing cell phones and virtual reality! Well, anyone can dream and perhaps that’s the message of this very special day - an escape route to love and romance - in someone’s arms or between the pages of book - plenty of scope then, for passion.
I love writing a strong romance; love holds the book together just as it does in real life. So guys and gals, happy reading romance and smooching with your fella. Make the most of Valentine’s Day 2018 and spoil yourselves.
As my own little homage to the goddess Aphrodite, I’ve reduced my book ‘Christmas to Come’ to 2.99 for the week only. Even though it has a Christmas title, out of all my books I chose Bella Doyle’s story because she is to me, the epitome of a woman who refuses to give up on her man - no matter what! So happy Valentine’s Day one and all - have an awesome Wednesday - and just for the record, LONG LIVE LOVE!

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