Sunday, 22 April 2018


My July saga set in the East End of London is now up on Amazon's shelves for pre-order. In LIZZIE FLOWERS AND THE FAMILY FIRM (book three) it’s time for Lizzie to gather family close as dark clouds on the horizon threaten her new business enterprises. 
We are reacquainted with Lizzie’s darling little niece Polly who is the apple of Lizzie’s eye - and for whom, in this book, Lizzie makes a huge sacrifice. 
Then of course, there is Danny, and his adopted son, Tom. Young Tom and Polly are inseparable, but there are rumours abounding that ‘coming up in the world’ after the humiliating and scarring experience with Leonard Savage in FIGHT FOR LIZZIE FLOWERS, (book two) has made Danny a changed man.
And Bert, dear loyal Bert, Lizzie’s brother, he’s there as always, by Lizzie’s side. But surely he deserves a romance of his own!
All Lizzie’s old pals, Lil and Doug and Ethel and some new ones too, jump in from the very start. And, dare I mention the name Frank Flowers? Eek, no one trusts this scoundrel, but I wonder, is he a complete rotten apple? Remember, he is related to Polly and with Lizzie’s help, could he reform? Who knows? Certainly not Frank!
My central theme is Lizzie's struggle to outwit the vice gangs of the East End. She's just invested in the notorious pub on East India Dock Road, called The Mill Wall, and she's determined to clean it up. 
But everyone and everything has it's price so they say and The Mill wall is no exception.
A great book to write, as Lizzie matures, and I've loved every minute. I hope readers will too.
There's an excerpt on the home page of my website, together with my free stories and newsletter.
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