Thursday, 12 July 2018

I can hardly believe that publication day is just next week, Wednesday18th July.

I’m very happy to say that the Amazon ebook of Lizzie Flowers and the Family Firm, the 3rd book in the Lizzie Flowers series, will be published in just a few days time on Wednesday 18th July. Publication has seemed a long wait, but I wanted to make this story very special. Lizzie’s romance with Danny Flowers hasn’t run smoothly. After her traumatic experiences in The Fight for Lizzie Flowers, (book 2), she has to dig deep to face her most feared adversary of all, a masked man known as The Prince. A misnomer for a very dangerous character indeed!
It was great fun writing this book and especially the baddie. I've been asked if I'll write a fourth Lizzie book. I think I may, since we all know how popular wartime books are. Much love to everyone, Carol xx

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